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The TransCom 3 experimental protocol (revised 7/2/2000, containing the new information on truncating the Level II forward integration) is a self-contained document that leads modelers through the process of setting up and running the TransCom 3 experiment:
Once you have downloaded the protocol, you will want to download the input dataset.
The CO2 monitoring station list that is found in the TransCom 3 protocol can also be downloaded as a separate ascii file to facilitate insertion into your code. A short fortran program that reads this data can also be downloaded.
citing the protocol
Gurney, K., Law, R., Rayner, P., and A.S. Denning, "TransCom 3 Experimental Protocol," Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University,USA, Paper No. 707, 2000.
protocol adjustments
basis function map
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