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IAV inversion results
A “control” or “base” case inversion has been performed with the Level II TransCom model output submissions to estimate time dependent monthly fluxes over various timespans. We employ a Bayesian synthesis inversion formalism, specifying prior estimates of both the fluxes and their uncertainty, and optimizing with respect to atmospheric observations which are also uncertain.
The datafile used for the control time-dependent inversion consist of a netCDF data file and an ascii file containing a list of the chosen stations.
Running the time-dependent control inversion:
1) Download the tarred and compressed file, ‘L2inv.tar.gz’. Reconstitute L2inv.tar.gz it in its own subdirectory ‘code/’. The files you obtain allow you to run both the cyclostationary version and the time-dependent version of the code.
2) Recompile the code. First, examine the ‘Makefile.tdi’ file and make changes appropriate to your operating system/compiler. Also, examine the ‘pathchange.txt’ file for instructions on changing the netCDF library paths within some of the subroutines to match your system.
3) Prepare to run the inversion. There are two scripts that run the inversion. These locate the appropriate input files and write the output to specified locations. These two are ‘control.master.tdi’ and ‘doall.tdi’. The first, ‘control.master.tdi’ locates the input files which should be in the ‘files4run/’ subdirectory (created when ‘L2inv.tar.gz’ was decompressed). The master script, ‘doall.tdi’ calls ‘control.master.tdi’ and it contains a number of paths that require inspection. The first is the path to where the response functions are located
NOTE: these are the response functions with 253 station locations that are downloaded from here.
Change this to your liking. The second is the series of output files. Change those paths to your liking.
4) Run ‘doall.tdi’. A series of output files should be placed in the output subdirectory you specified in ‘doall.tdi’.
5) Compare your results to the files in the ‘control.tdi.results/’ subdirectory that was created during decompression of ‘L2inv.tar.gz’
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