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level II model output
Original netCDF submissions
As was described in the T3 Output Specifications page, the modelers involved in the TransCom experiment submitted a series of model output files that allowed us to construct response functions for use in the control inversion. The output required in the level II experiment was extensive and is described in detail within the experimental protocol.
Below are the 13 models and the output that they submitted in its original form (PCTM did not submit standard format). These are netCDF files and hence are relatively self-explanatory, particularly when combined with the information available in the experimental protocol. They are very large so when you activate the ftp transfer by clicking on the links, it may take a while to complete the download. By clicking on the model name you will be downloading a tarred and compressed file that contains a large number of constituent files.
*PCTM did not submit in standard netCDF format
Response Functions
The following links provide you with the netCDF response function file. This file contains the model response for each region/month combination at each of 245 stations. The responses were constructed from the high frequency sampling done my the modelers at 228 stations. The last 17 stations were constructed from the monthly mean submissions at the 17 Pacific Ocean locations.
The location of the full 245 stations is described here.
In addition to these 245 responses, 8 additional stations were considered and added to the end of the response files. The model responses at these locations, like the Pacific Ocean locations, were built from the monthly mean model output since modelers were not instructed to save high- frequency output at these 8 additional sites.
The sites and their locations (they are in this order in response files)
Cape Point, South Africa lat = -34.35 lon = 18.49
Hateruma Island, Japan lat = 24.05 lon = 123.80
Cape Ochi-ishi, Japan lat = 43.15 lon = 145.50
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina lat = -54.87 lon = -58.48
SUM_00D0 lat = 72.58 lon = -38.48
FRD_06C0 lat = 49.88 lon = -81.57
Sary Taukum, Kazakstan lat = 44.45 lon = 77.57
KZM_00D0 lat = 44.25 lon = 77.88
The following links provide you with the netCDF response function files for all 253 stations.
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