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The TransCom 3 forward simulations for both the Level I and Level II experiment have now been completed by a number of groups. We have gathered the results of the experiments in two broad categories:
1) forward simulation fields and response functions (“model output”)
2) estimated fluxes (“inversion results”)
Output Specifications
The TransCom 3 model output should adhere to the specifications described in the TransCom 3 experimental protocol. Each participating group will be submitting a number of data output files. Please give these files the name of your model or group (or group leader name) in place of "output" (which the netCDF writing routine linked below will produce at the beginning of the file name) whether you are turning in results for level I or level II. For example, were Martin Heimann to submit the files containing level II results using TM2, the file would be named, "TM2.heimann.XXX", where "XXX" is the remainder of the file name that the netCDF writing routine creates upon execution. An indication of the group or group leader is especially important for those models that are used by more than one participant.
netCDF routines
These are ascii files and contain instructions and comments that should make the process of turning your binary output into netCDF files for depositing to the TransCom ftp site.
Click here to grab the routine for writing your level 1 output to netCDF format.
Click here to grab the routine for writing your level 2 output to netCDF format.
Level I Model Output
Level I Inversion Results
Level II Model Output
Level II Cyclo Inversion Results
Level II IAV Inversion Results
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