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Three tarballed/compressed files have been created that contain all of the diagnostic analysis performed on the TransCom 2 output. These files follow the table of contents listed below. The files are:
Surface pressure
SF6 concentration
Integrated mass - lo, mid, hi
Transport - mean flow
zonal mass flux
air - lo, mid, hi
SF6 - lo, mid, hi
meridional mass flux
air - lo, mid, hi
SF6 - lo, mid, hi
vertical mass flux
air - 350 mb, 700 mb
SF6 - 350 mb, 700 mb
Transport - convection, diffusion and sub-grid
meridional diffusion - lo, mid, hi
vertical diffusion - lo, mid, hi
cumulus convection - lo, mid, hi
dry convection - lo, mid, hi
all vertical subgrid processes - lo, mid, hi
SF6 concentration
meridional velociy
meridional SF6 flux
Transport - convection, diffusion, and sub-grid
meridional diffusion
vertical diffusion
cumulus convection
dry convection
all sub-grid processes
Decomposition of Meridional Transport (“profiles”)
mean circulation - lo, mid, hi
steady eddies - lo, mid, hi
transient eddies - lo, mid, hi
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