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Experiment 2: Vegetation Case
Input is the monthly mean 5x4 degree gridded net vegetation exchange from Fung et al. The source is to be taken as representing mid-monthly values and interpolated linearly in time between adjacent months. The gridded source can be found ”t1.input.tar.Z”; files “co2veg.jan”, “co2veg.feb” ... “co2veg.dec”. These files are described in file “”. Note that the units for these sources are currently kg/m2/second and the numbers have been multiplied by 1e13 in the file. The model should be run for at least four years with data collected from the fourth year or later.
The required fields are as for experiment 1. The normalization is as for experiment 1.
Data format
Plan fields should be provided in the following format
Record No. Contents Comment
 1 nlats number of latitudes
 2 lats(i,i=1,nlats) list of latitudes (increasing)
 3 nlons number of longitudes
 4 lons(i,i=1,nlons) list of longitudes (increasing)
 5 head 80 character heading
 6 field(i,j,i=1,nlons,j=1,nlats) data stored by latitude insame order as lat and lon lists

Data may be provided in either formatted or unformatted form. If unformatted the data should be readable by a routine such as the provided getmap.f on a Sun workstation. The routine putmap.f will produce a file in the correct format. fgetmap.f and fputmap.f are equivalent routines for formatted data for those using machines with incompatible unformatted file structures.
Cross sections are in a similar form.
Record No. Contents Comment
 1 nlats number of latitudes
 2 lats(i,i=1,nlats) list of latitudes (increasing)
 3 nlevs number of levels
 4 levs(i,i=1,nlevs) list of levels (increasing)
 5 head 80 character heading
 6 field(k,j,k=1,nlevs,j=1,nlats) data stored by latitude in same order as lat and lev lists

These fields can be read and written with the same routines as for plan fields substituting level for longitude.
For more information contact: Kevin Gurney
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