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TM2: The Hamburg tracer model
The calculations were performed with the Hamburg TM2 tracer model version 8.5, using the "fine grid" resolution: 4deg latitude by 5deg longitude and 9 sigma layers in the vertical dimension. The employed meteorology is from the analyses of the ECMWF for the year 1986. Each source was run for four years, with initial concentration set to zero. The deposited fields are from the fourth year. The fields on the pressure levels have been linearly interpolated from the models sigma levels (using a mean annual surface pressure field). The surface layer is defined as the lowest sigma level extending typically between 1000 and 950 hPa in this 9 layer model version.
For more information contact:
Martin Heimann
Max-Planck-Institut fur Meteorologie
Bundesstrasse 55
D-2000 Hamburg 13
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