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CSU: The Colorado State University GCM
The input data sets were prescribed as surface fluxes to a low resolution (7.2x9 degrees, 9 levels) version of the CSU GCM and run for 10 years starting from a globally uniform initial condition. The end of the 10-year low resolution run was used as an initial condition for a 4 year run on a 4x5 degree, 17 level grid. The data submitted are monthly means for the final year at 4x5. Time step in the 4x5 model was 6 minutes, with cumulus mass flux specified at 1 hour intervals. PBL depth and turbulence kinetic energy were prognostic variables, so the surface values are for a variable depth PBL, not a fixed pressure level.
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A. Scott Denning
Dept. of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins
CO 80523
phone: +1 303 491 8346
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