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ANU: The Australian National University chemical transport model
The ANU-CTM includes a stochastic Lagrangian advection scheme to move air parcels representing a known mass of tracer in air according to a wind field, derived from ECMWF data, on a 2.5 by 2.5 degree latitude/longitude grid with seven vertical levels at 1000, 850, 700, 500, 300, 200 and 100 hPa. The wind field includes a mean and time varying component. Conservation of tracer mass is accounted for by definition in the Lagrangian transport scheme so no mass fixer is required. The model surface layer is defined as spanning 1000-925 hPa. The model results were run from an initial condition of 350 ppm CO2 for 5 years. TRANSCOM model results are taken from the fifth year of the model run.
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