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This is an attempt to gather all references of published material using or directly relating to the TransCom experiment.
Please forward corrections or additions to Kevin Gurney.

Annual mean/model mean (Nature, February 2002) and supplementary text;
Annual mean/model to model (Tellus, April 2003);
Annual mean/data sensitivity (Tellus, April 2003);
Seasonal/model mean (Glob Biogeochem Cyc, January 2004);
Interannual/model mean (Glob Biogeochem Cyc, January 2005);
Interannual/networks (Glob Biogeochem Cyc, 2008)
continuous experiment: comparison of 222Rn (Atmos. Chem & Physics, 2011)

TransCom 03 experimental protocol
The TransCom 3 experimental protocol has now been published as a CSU report. Please use the following when citing.
Gurney, K., Law, R., Rayner, P., and A.S. Denning, "TransCom 3 Experimental Protocol," Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, USA, Paper No. 707, 2000.
Acknowledgement text required for all papers utilizing the T3 results.
This work was made possible through support from the National Science Foundation (OCE-9900310), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NA67RJ0152, Amend 30) and the International Geosphere Biosphere Program/Global Analysis, Interpretation, and Modeling Project. S. Fan and J. Sarmiento acknowledge support from NOAA's Office of Global Programs for the Carbon Modeling Consortium.
Peer-reviewed literature
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Author List - Transcom 01
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Author List - Transcom 02
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