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Purdue University
Tuesday, April 24th - Stewart 313
Wednesday, April 25th: Stewart 318
TC-continuous experiment, diurnal and synoptic CO2
9:00 Rachel Law Introduction to TC-continuous experiment
9:30 Discussion Is paper ready for submission?
9:50 Jim Collatz Results from simulations with diurnal fluxes
10:10 Wouter Peters
Philippe Peylin
Alex Vermeulen
Brief presentations of TC-continuous results 1
Brief presentations of TC-continuous results 2
10:30 Morning tea  
11:00 Yosuke Niwa A tracer transport simulation by an icosahedral grid model
11:20 Richard Engelen Soumia’s work on TC-continuous
11:40 Takashi Maki The comparison of TransCom continuous experimental results at upper troposphere (against aircraft observational data)
12:00 Nick Parazoo Mechanisms for synoptic variations of CO2
12:20 Lunch  
13:50 Prabir Patra TransCom continuous experiment: analysis of synoptic scale variations in atmospheric CO2
14:20 Discussion Synoptic paper – comments, suggestions
14:50 Shoichi Taguchi Evaluation of transport models using radon concentrations at Freiburg, Schauinsland and Mauna Loa
15:20 Afternoon tea  
15:50 Discussion Development of other analysis ideas (single site or across sites), volunteers to lead papers, etc
17:00 Finish  
Thursday, April 26th: Stewart 320
9:00 Maarten Krol Importance of fossil fuel uncertainties for CO2 inverse modelling over Europe
9:30 Nir Krakauer Assigning carbon fluxes to processes using measurements of the isotopic abundance of carbon-14
10:00 Kevin Gurney High Resolution Fossil Fuel CO2: Vulcan and Hestia
associated movie
10:30 Morning tea  
11:00 Rachel Law Southern ocean inversions
11:20 Anna Michalak Improving understanding of global and regional carbon dioxide flux variability through assimilation of in situ and remote sensing data in geostatistical framework
11:50 Philippe Peylin Error correlations
12:20 Lunch  
13:50 Yumiko Nakatsuka Optimisations of CASA ecosystem model parameters using transport model and inverse technique
14:10 Discussion Ideas on intercomparison work for model parameter estimation
14:25 Misa Ishizawa The role of baroclinic transport on the seasonal rectifier effect
14:45 Britt Stephens There’s a rectifier in my closet: vertical CO2 transport and latitudinal flux partitioning
15:15 Afternoon tea  
15:45 Philippe Peylin Upper air experiment
16:00 Discussion Any further participants, further analysis ideas, papers?
16:30 Discussion Website, communication, data availability, authorship, CDIAC
17:00 Finish  
  Drinks and hors d’ouvres At Kevin’s house
  Dinner Location TBD
Friday, April 27th: Stewart 320
9:00 Sander Houweling A-SCOPE CO2 satellite
9:30 Richard Engelen 4d var data assimilation of CO2
10:00 Shamil Maksyutov Preliminary results of tracer transport simulation with satellite experiment protocol
10:30 Discussion Any protocol changes required?, any likely further participants?, analysis directions
11:00 Morning tea  
11:30 Wouter Peters CarbonTracker introduction
12:00 Andy Jacobson Ocean fluxes in CarbonTracker
12:30 Kathy Corbin Investigating Clear-sky errors in inversions of satellite CO2 retrievals
12:50 Kevin Gurney Final comments
13:00 Lunch  
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