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A successful meeting was held in Jena, Germany (May 12th to May 15th) at the Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry. Martin Heimann and Sander Houweling were our hosts.
This meeting focussed on updating the TransCom community on the progress regarding the Level II inversion cases. The control cyclostationary inversion case is finalized and a paper is being written. The interannual control case is nearing completion and a paper should be submitted in the coming weeks.
Sander Houweling updated the group on the progress for Level III and requested further submissions from any interested parties.
We are hoping to convene another meeting where we will continue to bring together all those working on this central aspect of global carbon cycle research.
Talks and Attendee List
A number of excellent talks filled the four days, many of which are available. Some of these related to transcom-related work and some introduced new and exciting topics on carbon inversion research.
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