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A TransCom 3 workshop was held February 26th to March 1st, 2002 in Fort Collins, CO.
In addition to discussing issues related to TransCom work, we met (March 1st) jointly with the Biosphere-Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network (BASIN) to plan future collaborative work on isotope tracer simulation and inversions.
Participant List
Shamil Maksyutov Shoichi Taguchi Peter Rayner
Rachel Law Sander Houweling Phillipe Peylin
Songmiao Fan Andy Jacobsen Bernard Pak
Yu-Han Chen Kathy Hibbard David Baker
Roger Dargaville Scott Denning Kevin Gurney
Arlyn Andrews Brit Stephens Takashi Maki
Steve Piper Richard Engelen Lori Bruhwiler
Diane Pataki John Miller Jed Kaplan
Chris Still
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